Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mesh Fae Ears Progress!

Greetings, Sinners! I'm pleased to say that I not only got 7 shapes of ears setup with 3 guage size options (and no guage, which makes 4), I also made excellent headway on the first set of piercings today! On top of settling on a style for piercings for the first run of ears, I hammered out the formula I want to use for baking the metal textures for the piercings. With luck, I'll have all 28 ears pierced tomorrow... so I can start packaging these up Friday!


I'd like to point out there there is NO SHINE settings on that mesh in SL ;) All of the specular goodness is baked on in Blender. I have to admit, I'm more than a little pleased with the outcome.

Off to rest... then back to work first thing! Stay wicked!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A5 Product HUDs are ready for the Mesh Fae Ears!

So! The A5 HUD has come along really well, and is ready to set up for products now. The final interface changed just a bit from the earlier preview images... but I think it should be familiar enough for all of you A4 veterans to use readily, and I think it's intuitive enough that new customers shouldn't be quite so scared by or confused with it!

On the SFC panel, you may note the addition of two green arrows between the surface setting and the texture group. These arrows are used to toggle on auto-loading. The one pointing from Surface to Textures will automatically load the default texture group for the Surface selected, and the one pointing from Textures to Surface will automatically change to the Surface associated with the Texture Group you load. This should be especially welcome for new customers, but I expect many of you veterans will appreciate it as well. Less clicks is generally better!

The first items to hit the store with the A5 HUDs will be the new Fae Mesh ears, which got a teaser preview in The Forsaken skin panels. These ears are coming along really well, and I expect to have them done and into the store ASAP! Currently, I'm shooting for a Saturday release, on November 2.

As you can see, I spent last nigth working on Guaged/Plugged versions of the ears... and now that I have the bases for those set up, I'll be able to stretch those into the other shapes as well (which you can see peeking out from behind the plugged ears). The Plugs are a separate Surface on the ears, so you'll be able to wear them with just the tunnels showing, or with a variety of plug textures!

Back to work for Me... so I can get these ready for you! (And then finish off the Genitals!)

Monday, October 21, 2013

A5 HUD PSR Progress Update!

As I mentioned yesterday, the A5 HUD is coming along nicely! I spent some time working on the new PSR panel today, and thought I'd offer a preview:

You can see this is a pretty significant change from both The One HUD (A4) and the Lite HUDs. I think the controls will be a little less confusing. Additionally, you can see the 'Pure Mesh' single Axis scaling that will be available on Mesh Only attachments. This will let you resize items (and portions of some items) along just the X, Y, or Z axis, to improve fitting... especially for shapes that are of widely varying proportions.

It's all moving along nicely! I hope to be done with the HUD in the next few days, and then once I give A5 a solid test drive and debugging, I can start releasing the new items that are already on the workbench, as well as start back-working updates to get everything up to speed! The first new project will likely be, as previously mentioned, the new Mesh Fae Ears... and then I have the Mesh Sinteract! Genitals coming along soon afterward! The long overdue Hooves that Szala likes to show off are also on the short list of stuff to get done ASAP!

Stay Sinful!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alchemy 5 Script & HUD Progress!

Evening, Sinners! I decided I'm going to try and keep up with the Blog properly, so I can keep people up to date on what's in progress, as well as what's hitting the stores.

I spent the early part of the day cleaning up the little Permissions snafu with the Applier HUDs in the new Juno & Jupiter Skins packages (the HUDs were no Copy, causing the unpacking script to ignore them). Those packages are now sorted... and anyone who had issues unpacking the HUDs can get the new package from a re delivery terminal or the vendors.

More important to most of you will be the progress I made on the A5 Script & HUD update today. I had a few communications issues to sort out with the new Slave Script (which goes in the attachments), and I got those finished! Additionally, I got the new Surface Panel on the A5 HUD polished off. I think everyone will find it a little more friendly and intuitive, especially new customers. All of the existing controls are still available, with more focus on the ones that are most often used. You can see how it's progressing here:

You'll see elements that are very familiar from the Lite HUDs of recent releases, with a few bits renamed... like "Object" instead of "Attachment" or "Subpart" and "Surface" instead of "Class." The biggest evolution is a larger texture sample size, and much smaller buttons for the less used Surface Settings, light Bright and Shine. The RGB interface is a carryover, since it's one of the best ones available in SL by any measure.

You might notice the 'Tabs' on the Product Bar on the left. This is where you'll change between the Surface panel (or SFC panel, show above), or the PSR Panel... which will have the Position, Scale, & Rotation controls. The PSR panel isn't ready to show you yet, but I think everyone will be pleased with it... and with a little more room, it will be easier to make it more friendly and intuitive as well.

More updates soon! And as soon as the new HUD is finished, I'll be releasing several styles of new Mesh Fae ears, which you may have noticed in The Forsaken skin panels!

Stay Sinful!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beware the darkness... and welcome The Forsaken!

The next Sinful Needs Artisan Skins are ready! Behold The Forsaken! These vampiric demons lurk in the Void, just on the other side of the Veil... waiting for a chance to slip through and grab their next meal: the very energies of life!

The Forsaken skins include several options. The first of these are skin options:

Base vs. Feeding Flush (Skin versions): Think of The Forsaken as a cross between demons and vampires... who like to drain the life essence of their victims or even willing 'donors.' The base skins are meant to represent their usual appearance, with the Flushed Skins showing the warmth of a recent Feeding. You should, of course, wear whichever appeals to you... for whatever reason.

Void Taint (Tattoo Layer): When once touches the darkness too often, it can leave its mark on you. Many of The Forsaken take pride in the 'badge of horror' gifted to them by draining the life from others... a physical manifestation of the dark power they possess.

Corruption (Tattoo Layer, in 2 levels with and without Taint): The Forsaken are eternally ravenous, always looking for their next meal... even the most powerful of their kind. This hunger can show itself around their eyes and mouth... especially as they become aroused just before and after slaking their thirst with the living energy of their meal.

Try them all and see what suits you best! The Applier HUDs include textures to match your favorite Mesh accessories to your choice! The Multi-Applier HUD supports Tangos, Slink Hands, Feet, & Nails (male and female), Loud Mouth, Phat Azz, and Sinful Needs Demon Tails (Mesh and Flexi). In addition, these Applier HUDs come preloaded with matching textures for the imminent arrival of Sinful Needs Mesh Fae Ears AND Sinful Needs Mesh Genitals!

Hold on tight, the end of the year is going to be a wild ride!