Friday, July 31, 2009

The A4 HUD Release!

The A4 HUD is available NOW at my Main Store Location on Atlan Tu Sura!

Remember... it's available for only 1L (yes... it was going to be free, I know, but HippoVend requires a price of at least 1L to do it's job correctly... so there we are!) for this first weekend of the Grand Re-Opening ONLY! It goes up to 300L at 2AM Monday, 8/3, and up to the full price of 500L the the following 2AM Monday, 8/10! Get yours now!

And don't forget to visit the top of the Pyramid Temple of the Ancients and check out the Celebration! The Club staff will be running events all weekend... and if we pack those events enough... you never know what I might decide to give away as a door prize!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grand Re-Opening Plans

Things are falling into place for our huge Grand Re-opening celebration. The Re-Opening will kick off Friday, July 31, with the Club re-opening its event schedule. So far, we have Rev & Sonya kicking it off at 10AM SLT. We're still piling on the events, but expect it to be as close to 24 hours as we can schedule until Monday monrning at 2AM SLT.

In addition, the A4 HUD will be available in my Main Store for FREE during that weekend event. This is to give all of my present customers a chance to get the HUD for their (soon-to-be-updated) current Sinful Needs goodies without having to spend more Lindens than they already have. Be mindful that the HUD will sell seperately, unlike the more basic Alchemy 3 HUDs that came with the older inventory. This is because the A4 HUD is a major appliance, as it were, and it is NOT intended to become just another HUD prim bouncing about in your inventory. If you haven't gotten all the details on the A4 HUD, visit my Main Store (Or either of the NoR location in Remembrance or Megapolis) and click my Newsletter to sign up. From there you will be able to grab the June & July Newsletters, which have the scoop on the new HUD.

For the week following, the HUD will be available in my Main Store and the Vleet Mature Satellite locations at a discount (selling for 300L). Starting Friday, August 6th, my Store will kick off its Grand Re-Opening event, which will run until about 2AM SLT Monday, August 9th. At that time the HUD will go to its intended full price of 500L.

Expect the HUD to come with a few gifts in the box so you'll have something to try it on right away, but by 8/6, new A4 & Sinteract! items will be hitting the Main Store for the second weekend of the big celebration. I think you will really enjoy the first few items that I am finishing up right now. I will also be working to update current inventory, though it is an admittedly time consuming process. Both New Releases and Product Updates will be announced in the Sinful Needs & Sinful Needs Updates groups, in my Newsletter, and right here on the Blog.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Atlan Tu Sura is Revealed!

Well it happened! In fact, it happened almost right after the last blog entry... Linden Lab finally worked my move ticket, and our Island, Atlan Tu Sura (traslated at 'Gift of the Ancients' in our Lore), was made manifest on the Grid! So for the last 4 days or so, I have been slaving away to get things ready for the actual move! It started with the .RAW file for the shape of the island, and rapidly accelerated from there! Now here we are, 28 .RAW file revisions and 3,000 Prims later, and our first 'Preview' Events were held atop the Pyramid Temple this past evening!

Naturally, I had a lot of cleaning up to do on our old parcel, but I did leave something behind on Vleet. Residents who use the old Landmarks will find themselves arriving in the newest Sinful Needs Satellite location, where my Mature-Region friendly merchandise will remain available. Additionally, visitors to that location can retrieve a new Landmark to help them reach Atlan Tu Sura!

Our preview events went VERY well last night! We are taking a brief break from our schedule, which will give me a MUCH needed chance to rest & recuperate (mentally & physically), as well as an opportunity to get more of the build ready for oure Grand Re-Opening, which is tentatively scheduled to start next Friday, on July 31st!
Visiting is the best way to see this Isle, but failing that, take a look at the Sinful Needs Flikr stream's new Atlan Tu Sura photoset!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Impending Move

If you've somehow missed the many, many notices I've sent out about it *chuckles*, Sinful Needs will be moving as per the Adult Content changes that Linden Lab is implementing in Second Life. We're currently located in the (mature) Mainland region of Vleet. Given the nature of the events in our Club & Dungeon, as well as the upcoming release of Sinteract!, we will have to move to an Adult region.

Most of you also know that I have been eager to get off the Mainland and onto a Private Region for some time now. Well serendipity has struck! Thanks to LL forcing the move, we qualify to move to a Private Region without having to fuss with trying to sell our current parcels and whatnot. We're jumping on the opportunity, and I cannot wait to get moved!

The new region will be opening some other doors for us as well. Sinjun & I have been working on some roleplaying Lore, and we have some very big plans to pursue in that direction over the next year as well, starting shortly after the move and progressing as quickly as resources will allow to institute a full on roleplaying Estate. I really think you all are going to enjoy what we have cooking!

Finally, once we get moved, expect to bear witness to a full-scale Grand Re-Opening of Sinful Needs, including the Store and the Club Events. We're talking a completely new build, tons of new stuff for the store, and the long-awaited release of A4 & Sinteract! Depending on when we are graced with the actual move, I expect this to be a weekend-long event you will just not want to miss! More info coming just as soon as LL updates my move ticket... which I think could possibly be this week ;)

Flikr Stream

I've also launched a Flikr Stream for Sinful Needs... you can find it here:

And so it begins...

This is something I really should have done eons ago. What better way to let all of my delicious Sinners know what's going on with Sinful Needs? Expect to see sneak peeks, previews, and news about Sinful Needs and my creations right here. I'll do my best to make sure you're all kept up to date!