Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Classic Horns ... Meet A4/Sinteract!

After getting the Warhawk's Tail and Angrumaz Oracle Horns ready, I finally found the inspiration and energy to get into the old inventory and update some oldies but goodies!

Both the Dark Brood Series Demon Horns and the Abyssal Series Demon horns got a full A4/Sinteract! Workover. As popular as some of these have become over the last 2 years, I hope that you all will enjoy the new versions all over again... because the new textures and options bring so many new options to the table that these really are brand new all over again!

These are now loaded into the Demon Horn Vendors and the Multi-Vendors at my stores. They are also available with all of my other items on XStreetSL. If you need to exchange your old Alchemy v2, v2.5, or v3.0 sets for the new A4 sets, drop into either the Main Store or the Mature Satellite and look for the 'Exchange For Free' sign. You can click that sign to get the instructions for submitting your item for update, as well as a list of updated products. There are a few caveats to consider when exchanging your v3.0 Horns though - I've dropped the (somewhat weak) animated texture flames and primative particle effects from the horns in those serieses that had them. I ~may~ possibly add back some nicer particle effects in a future update to those horns.

Wicked Hair & Some New Horns!

Well I finally got that hairstyle I've been wearing for the last 6 months bagged and ready for the store! At the last minute, I decided to tweak it and add a second hair color zone to allow for that two-toned (or skunked) look. I'm pleased with the end result, and hope you will be too. It definitely won't be the last hairstyle I set up for the store!

Oh... it's Sinteract! Loaded, by the way, for your naughty pleasure! I'm sure that some of you will come up with far more interesting emotes than I loaded into this one... but I think you'll agree it's a good start!

Naturally, this is available at my stores (both in the Multi-Vendors and in some new Wicked Hair vendors at the Main Store)... and it is also available on XStreetSL... at least for now ;)

While working on getting that hair ready, I was inspired to create a set of Demon Horns that had some tentacles worked into the array of wickedly twisting ivory and metal! The Angrumax Oracle Horns were born... and they have immediately become one of my new favorites. These will ~definitely~ not be the last set of horns I create with tentacles in the mix!

Get these from the Multi-Vendors or the new Demon Horns Vendors at my stores, or on XStreetSL!

Alchemy 3 Hooves get the A4 Treatment!

All of the old Alchemy 3 furred demon hooves are now available as A4 Items! This includes the Calf-Down, Straight-Leg, and Goat-Leg hooves for both Male & Female avatars. (Note this doesn't include the old Black only non-scripted hooves)

The Male hooves are all the same physical builds, but the Female hooves all got a little tweaking! In particular, the Goat Legs got a little work to make them mesh better and fit a wider range of avatar heights. Combined with some sectioning, these should be easier to fit than ever before. The Calf-Down and Straight hooves for the ladies both got a little trimmer... and, I think, more feminine. Those two sets also come with two sets of foot/hoof attachments now, one of which is the same as the smaller hoof that has always come with the Goat-Legs (and also came on the Black only Calf-Down hooves way back when), and the other is a more flared hoof like the Alchemy 3 hooves came with. I think you ladies will enjoy the changes!

Trials and Tribulations!

Greetings once more! Nearly two months have slipped by with far too much quiet here, but that's about to change! Sinjun and I have both been more than a little under the weather during much of October and November, but we've rounded the bend and I'm back at work! Espect to see new items and a host A4 Updates to the old inventory immediately!

As I begin winding back up, I had an opportunity to do an interview in the premiere edition of First Blood, an new ePub Magazine in SL that services The Hunger community. After some hit & miss with timetables, we finally managed to get together and get it done! It was a unique experience, and one I hope will broaden our community here at Sinful Needs!