Monday, November 11, 2013

You'd think I'd learn about ETAs...

So... Me and ETAs... they just don't mix *chuckles*. I am still hard at work on the Mesh Fae Ears release. I underestimated the amount of work that I would wind up doing for the Sinteract! update... so that's what I'm hammering on now. Once that is done, I can load up the ears and get them packaged. Notices will go out everywhere, including here, as soon as that happens.

On the plus side, S! v2 is shaping up nicely. There will be new functionality that I think will please a lot of people, as well as an overall decrease in the resources overhead. The means fewer scripts and lower script times. Some of those scripts are being consolidated into a script-light HUD to be worn while using S!, which will allow for much simpler lists management (For Owners and Allow/Ban lists). The HUD will be an important part of the Genitals release anyway... so a little more work now means less to get done for the Genitals after the Ears. That's a good thing, right?

Some of the new functionality will allow you to better tailor your S! preferences to your taste, and, I hope, make it easier for you to find others to S! with that share those tastes. All in all, the project is shaping up really nicely... and already headed toward the new end-goal I have planned, which is current called the "Needs Project." More information will be coming on that in the coming weeks ;)

Back to work for Me... until I announce the Fae Mesh Ears release. Stay Sinful!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mesh Ear Delays

I was annoyed and disappointed that I wasn't able to get the Fae Ears into the store this past weekend... but better to delay them than to deliver a product that isn't ready. I'm working on some issues with keeping things simple (HUD-wise) since so many of the textures are baked now... and they can't be shared across different ears. In particular, the Piercings textures are different for all 4 ears (No Plug, and all 3 Plug sizes) since the piercings are a little different on each one. Anyway... long story short, I'll get this all hammered out ASAP... and the Fae Ears WILL get a proper release by this next weekend. My apologies for the delays, but I think it will be worthwhile ;)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tugging on Mesh Fae Ears...

Alright, Sinners, the Fae Ears did some fighting back today as I was setting them up. Turns out there were a few speed bumps when it came to setting up single mesh objects/prims with 7 and 8 faces (the PRIM_TEXT field just wasn't long enough to support all the relevant Surface information as well as the PSR information). However, I've beaten that issue into submission... and tweaked the A5 slave script to allow for Independent Rotation in attachments where that is desirable... like the Ears. What this means is that when you adjust the rotation of the Ears, they adjust where they are, instead of in relation to the Root Prim. This is something that will be very useful for many applications, but not all... blah blah blah... in short, it means I'll be able to make things easier for you in the future on many items. Any of you who have adjusted the nipple decoration on the Dark Temptress know what a pain the ass it can be to Rotate in relation to the root prim... and I'm glad that using Mesh will let me skip that annoyance in many cases.

Anyway... the Shape 1 Mesh Fae Ears are out of Blender and in the Workshop in SL now.

As previously mentioned... there will be a non-stretched/guaged version, as well as a guaged version that has 3 Tunnel/Plug sizes. The image above is the largest of those 3. These feature 8 Surfaces for customization: Ear Skin, Metal, Metal2, Metal3, Metal4, Gems, Tunnel, and Plug. The non-stretched have 7, with no Tunnel or Plug, but a Skull piercing in the lobe instead ;)

I need to get some rest... and then I'll be getting all the textures into SL so I can load the HUDs for them. They should still hit the store this weekend... possibly tomorrow, as originally planned, if everything cooperates. I'll be releasing the other shapes over the next few days as I can get them all done as well. Here's a taste of all the shapes (including Shape 1 for comparison):

It's also worth noting that had TONS of ideas for piercings while working on these... so you can probably expect to see variants with other piercing sets surfacing over time as well... though once I get through this first grouping, I'll be working on the Genitals first ;)