Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get some Tail at Sinful Needs!

Galathir has a couple of projects brewing side-by-side right now, but a few days ago he realized just how long it has been since new demon tails were introduced to the store, as well as how slim the selection actually felt. He decided it was time to do something about... and in classic Galathir Overkill style, forty-eight new tails began to take shape in his workshop!

These new tails join the Gamorean line of demonic accessories. falling in with styles matching the Gamorean sculpted Demon Hooves. In particular, there are 3 families of tails: Dronar, Mazzaru, & Zaduun. These each carry the representative characteristics of that Gamorean Demon Clan: Dronar offer sleek, smooth line, while the Mazzaru feature thorn-like spines that can extend when aroused or enraged... and the Zaduun tails carry their trademark chitinous barbs and carapace like plates.

Each of the three clans is represented on  four basic styles of tails. The Primal tails are the typical single tail, most often seen sweeping lazily behind a demon as they prowl the nights. The Archon tails are an abberant Tri-Tail, reflecting the tendency of chaos and mutation to surface in the breeds native to the Endless Abyss. The Ravager tails are longer tails, usually seen somewhat elevated and trailing gracefully behind as they enhance a demon's balance as they decimate their victims. And finally, the Ascendant tails are longer still... so long, in fact, that most are supported by a harness of chains linked to the demon's spine - a true sign of power, ancient age, or both!

Within the three clans and four styles, there is, however, still one more facet of individuality layered upon the first two, and it's one that Galathir would never skip on: Ornamentation! Each of the afore-mentioned tail styles is offered bare, of course, but is also offered Cuffed in the finest measure of demonic allows, sporting padlocks and chains... bewjewelled in bands set with the rarest gems, ivories, & prescious metals to be found in all the dark realms... or bound and secured with straps of exotic leathers, affixed with skull-decorated buckles and dangling ends.

Doing the evil Math, this turned into Forty-Eight new Gamorean Demon Taila, all of which an be found on the new, extended Demon Tails vendor wall at the Main Store. Taking the vending one step further, Galathir has also setup a HoloVendor near the entrance, across the from the large Multi-Vendors, that will rez a display model of the tails as you browse the vendor's content... so you can enjoy all the delicious primwork up close and personal while you decide which tail suits your desires!

As a footnote to all the new tail goodness, it's worth noting that Galathir also updated the classic Angrumax demon tails, and that those updates will be going out later today via the Update Server. These revisions bring the classic standbys up to A4.1 spec, as well as feature the new extended Tail Core menu, which includes a native Tail > Length menu to give you that last touch of customization once you get the base of the tail the size you want with your A4 HUD.

And in one last effort to make it as easy as possible for every Sinner to Get their Demon On in the best way possible, Galathir revised the prices on the Angrumax Demon Tail line, making them more accessible... and priced the new Gamorean Tails with the same sensibilities. What does this mean for you? It means that every Sinful Needs Demon Tail is now available for less that 500L, with the simplest tails coming in at under 300L - despite all of them being packed with A4.1, Core, & Sinteract! wickedness!

Expect to see these tails all hit the SL Marketplace later today as well!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sinful Needs Gets Inked!

Initially designed to compliment and customize the scarification on his Ba'al & Lilith demon skins, Galathir has created a set of tattoos that follow the same demonic lines that those scars do (though this kinky ink looks incredible on any skin). The Full Body Tattoo set comes with two types of tattoo: 1 that follows the scars themselves, outlining the area within (the 'Outline' version), and those that fill the area within (the 'Inner' version). Due to some significant difference in the way light RGB tints and dark RGB tints played on the Outline versions, Galathir took that one step further and offered 'Light' and 'Dark' versions of the Outline tattoos. Not content with just those few options, the Master of Option Overkill further created 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% saturation versions of those tattoos so you could get just the level of ink you desire! That's 12 full body tattoo options... ALL of which are 100% RGB tintable! The Inner & Outline Dark tattoos come out of the bag pre-tinted black, while the Outline Light tattoos come un-tinted white. To change the color they are tinted with, wear them and use the SL 'Edit Appearance' or 'Edit Outfit' feature, depending on what viewer you are using:

• For Phoenix 1.60 & Other Viewer 1 derivatives: Right-Click your avatar and choose 'Appearance' from the radial menu. Now choose the Clothing Layer you are wearing (i.e. Tattoo, Undershirt, Underpants, Socks, Glove, Shirt, or Pants). You will see a 'Color/Tint' box near the middle of the window. Click that panel, and you can use your normal color swatches, type in RGB values, or use the picker to choose a new color of the tattoo!

• For Firestorm & Other Viewer 2/3 derivatives: Find the tattoo/clothing layer in your inventory that you are wearing, Right Click it, and choose 'Edit.' You will see a 'Color/Tint' box near the middle of the window. Click that panel, and you can use your normal color swatches, type in RGB values, or use the picker to choose a new color of the tattoo!

In addition to the Tattoo Layers, Galathir has provided Shirt, Undershirt, & Glove layers for the upper body tattoos, as well as Pants, Underpants, & Sock layers for the lower body tattoos for those who don't have a Tattoo layer available. Note, however, that the Facial Tattooing will NOT appear unless you wear an actual Tattoo Layer.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

God Silks got more Divine!

The God SIlks: Destroyer of Hope sets havejust  been updated to A4.1! This is a major polish update, unlocking all of the fantastic features the v2 HUD brought to Sinful Needs, and will have you falling in lust with this set all over again!

For you lil Petites flitting about, this set will now freely scale down to the 35% you'll need to fit your tiny Fallen!

For those who already have the set and are eager to get your update, it should come the next time you wear your set... or log in wearing it. You can also opt to visit the Redelivery Terminal at the main store. If all else fails, IM Galathir Darkstone and I'll get it to you ASAP!

Update Notes:

(20120204) v1.10:
    Major A4.1 Update! Now compatible with all A4.1 Features including:
        Indicator Lights (no more chat spam)
        RGB Color Picker
        Animated Texture controls
        Bump Mapping changes
        Sinteract! My Toys Panel
        Attachment-Class Link limited Changes
        Improved Access Control, including available Masters Menu access
        Script Locking/Removal
        No more long-arsed item names in your Sinteract! Emotes!
    Additionally, the God Silks have been directly improved:
        All versions of Lower Silks now combined & Menued
        Reduced Script Counts
        Smoother Tail animations (no more weird Scissoring... ever!)
        Menus for:
            Hide/Show Tail (shrinks & buries prims in the root!)
            Single Drape toggle forthe new Tattered Runecloth
                & Furs textures in the Silks Texture Group
                Codpiece/Futa Cover
                Front Silks Drapes
                Back Silks Drapes
            Close/Open Codpiece toggle for Male silks (Open is like the
                classic non-enclosed lower silks - 'Peekable')
            Extend & Retract the tail Spines (just like the Darkspine gear
                even responds/sends to those pieces)
        Tail Texture Alignment now corrected to work with Ba'al/Lilith
                (and other gradient) tail textures
        Flesh Texture Alignment onLegs & Hooves also correctly oriented
        Silks Textures re-aligned for proper display of new Silks Textures

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Eyes Have It!

Greetings, Sinners! The Occularum Prim Eyes have hit the store! You'll need the A4 HUD for all the customizations, but glow, shine, & texture changing eyes are now waiting for you at Sinful Needs. Oh... did we mention they come with 2 texture packs that house 28 colors of eyes on 10 pupil patterns? 280+ eyes all in one! Ready for any future texture packs Galathir may craft for his eyes... these may be the last pair you ever need!