Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updates... Updates... Updates!

Alright, Sinners! I', still working on any number of projects... as mentioned in the last post... and some of them are nearing completion. In addition, I've been grinding away on all the updates that desperately need to be done for the store. I've made good progress on that front recently... including updates for most of the Classic Prim Demon Horns, the Classic Furred Demon Legs, the Umbral Ears, the Flexi Prim Demon Tails (all 52 of them! Yarrr!), and the Gamorean Sculpted Hooves!

All of these items have been updated to the latest A4 and Sinteract! scripting... and they all now include a Lite A4 HUD in their packages, just like the updates to the Wings earlier this year, and the new Mesh Horns and Animated Mesh Demon tails! Additionally, there are Demo crates available for all of them at the Main Store and on the SLMP.

More soon!