Monday, April 19, 2010

Seductively Sexy Skins - Ba'al, Lilith, & Legends

It's hard to believe I've let the better part of three months slip by again without managing a blog post... but those of you following my work in-world are well aware what I've been up to: Skins! Since February, I've released 19 full skins, with more on the way!

The first to hit the racks was Ba'al, which is actually my first Male Demon Skins line, encompassing 7 different colors to represent the Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath.

Ba'al has twelve different facial hair options, with each 'individual' skin packaged with four body hair options across two muscle definition maps (standard and muscled) for 8 options per skin. The Ba'al skins are available individually, as well as in a Full Pack that includes all twelve facial styles. You can also find this shape and a matching unscripted genitals package on the rack.

Lilith was wuick to join Ba'al on the rack, falling into the role as his female counterpoint and covering the same Seven Sins.

Lilith also offers 12 face options, with 11 delicious make-up colors and one without makeup. Each 'individual' Lilith skin includes 4 pubic hair options across 2 body maps (including one specifically for smaller breast sizes without the heavy cleavage shadowing) for a total of 8 options per face. Like Ba'al, Lilith's shape is available as well, with 4 different breast options included (45, 60, 85, & 100 on the slider).

Lilith is available just like Ba'al: in individual skin packages (1 style of face on 8 body options) and in a Full Pack with all 12 faces.

With the Demons unleashed, I started working on my first human skins: The Legends line! Perseus lead the charge, as the first male human skin. He falls about in the middle of the tone gradient for the skins I have planned for the line, which puts him on the dark end for most SL avatars of the caucasian persuasion.

The Male Legends skins offer the same options that Ba'al skins did, with one addition. All 8 versions are also included bald & with painted on hair, bringing the single skin packages up to 16 included skin options! The Muscled versions of the Legends skins really shine for detail.

In addition to the single skin packages, Perseus is available in a Full Pack, which actually includes 13 face options (instead of 12). Matching genitals and a carefully crafted shape package is also available - with the shape coming in 3 height versions in that package (6' 0", 6' 2", and 6' 4").

Andromeda came quickly behind her Mate, filling out the role as my first female human skin. Her tone matches Perseus, so she may be a little dark for some. She does offer FIFTEEN striking makeups though! She can be had in individual skin packs, or in a Full Pack that includes all fifteen of those faces! The Andromeda Shape package offers the same four breast size options that Lilith did... but all four of those are offered on each of three different heights: 5'6", 5'9", & 6'0" - for 12 different shape options!

Since the initial releases of the Legends line, Beowulf has joined the Male lineup (his skin being the lightest human skin for that line), and Sigrid and Brigit have joined the female line (being the two lightest skins for the females, with Sigrid the lighter of the two). I will consinue to add more to the Legends line, with Arthur coming soon to match Brigit, and then Achilles and Helen rounding out the skin tones lighter than Perseus and Andromeda. Following those, Leonidas and Circe will be darker, followed by Xerxes and Cleopatra, and then Jelani and Nefertiri at the darkest end to round out the line.

Currently all my skins are only available inworld, but you can find them at both my Main Store and my new All Access SkyShop. 1L Demos are available for all skins (they were intended to be free, but a silly bug preventing the standard SL viewer from being able to handle 0L Payments forced me to set them at 1L - my apologies). If you're stuck on the web and want to get a preview of the other skins that are finished, visit my Flickr page!