Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wings, Wings, Wings @ Sinful Needs!

Well that actually sounds like the Event Notice Chatter for one of the club events in The Pit, it's actually the harking call of updated and new wings in the store!

The long-loved yet venerable Seraph wings just got a MAJOR overhaul, courtesy A4.1, fresh Core scripting, the latest Sinteract! scripting, and some beautiful new sculpt maps! The end result is a really gorgeous set of wings that improve on the style of the old Seraphs without losing their charm, while reducing the prim count from 197 prims per wing to 66, dropping the script count from 150+ per wing down to 21 TOTAL for the pair, and adding all the latest A4 and Sinteract! Mojo.

The new Seraph IIs are now fully compatible with the v2 A4 HUD, including the indicator lights to kill off the chat spam, the new RGB tinting panel, the capacity to 'Lock' your wings, deleting either just the PSR scripts or all 3 A4 scripts from a copy of your wings, and all the joys of the new Sinteract! Panel on your HUD. Wear the new wings, click the A4 button on your HUD, and go to My Toys (the top edge of the panel). Then choose your wings out of the menu that pops up! You can Sinteract! right from there... and you can even use the Main > Attachment menu to get access to the core script menu from there as well, all without having to click your attachments.

The Seraph IIs turned out so well, that the base build deserved some more attention... and that's just what it got in the new Seraph II Crusader Armored Wings and Seraph II Consort Jewelled Wings! You can find all three in the Main Store and the Vleet Satellite, as well as on the SL Marketplace here:

Seraph II Bare Wings

Seraph II Crusader Wings

Seraph II Consort Wings

**Note: Current customers who already have the A4 version of the old Seraph Wings should receive the Seraph II update package the next time they wear them. If you don't, please IM Galathir Darkstone and I'll get it sorted out for you ASAP **