Thursday, October 2, 2014

RL Challenges delaying SL Work....

Howdy howdy, Sinners. .I just wanted to drop a note here to let everyone know that the past stretch here has been full of RL Challenges that have been a major impediment to constructive progress in SL. Hopefully this cycle will be winding down soon, and I'll be able to get some work done. Until then, I do continue to try and respond to all IMs (which I recieve via email, even if I don't manage to get logged in), but you can also feel free to reach out to the CSRs, who may either be online, or be able to respond before I can: Crimson Cybertar (Brian), Nicolas Baryl (Nicci), and Junocalisa Resident (Jiino). They can answer most questions as well as I can, though there are some things, like redeliveries, bugs, and failed transactions, that only I can handle.

My apologies for the delays, and thanks for you patience.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Venus inflates her appeal... even when smaller!

Alright, Sinners! You asked for more shapes of Venus, and here some are!

Following the original Venus shape set was Fiore... for those who want more than just a little more heft in their bosoms!

And fresh into the store today is Deyn! For those who just want a smoother, more attractive pair of lovelies without having to make them larger!

All of them are available on the SLMP for your browsing pleasure:

If you'd like to see more shapes, shoot Galathir a message... or leave a notecard in the suggestion box on His desk in the Main Store!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing VENUS!

As you all know, I've been working on the genitals! That project is still coming along, if a little slower for the added complexities Siuteract!2's advancement has brought to the table. I needed to take a brain break and work on something a little different... but didn't want to wander too far afield. So... after deciding to try my hand at Fitted Mesh... Venus borrowed a page from Jupiter and struck like a bolt out of the blue!

I"ve been wanting to do some mesh breasts anyway... and inspiration turned that impetus into reality over the last 2 weeks! Venus officially hit the store and the SLMP last night!

You can find both a DEMO and the FULL VERSION on the SLMP. The vendor is in the Submission & Sinteract! part of the store, as well as right at in the Entry Plaza! Give them a try and see what you think!

I'll be turning at another shape set or two in this line while I'm moving the genitals along... so if this shape isn't quite what you're after, be sure to check back!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sinful Needs Status Update

I just wanted to touch base with all the Sinner and let you know that I am still working on the genitals. Various trials and tribulations in that dreaded otherlife have slowed progress, but things are still moving along. After one more complication later this week, I hope things will settle back into a very productive mode in SL. Once that happens, I hope to have the naughty bits ready for he store fairly quickly, and then get some 5 updates and a few new goodies released soon there after. Now I'll shut up and get back to work. See you inworld!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Naughty Bits Progress Report!

As most of you know, I'm working full time on the genitals now, and I am excited and eager to get them ready for the store (finally). I still have a chunk of work left to do, but I wanted to give you a little progress report and show you how things are coming along.

For the cock, the basic meshes are complete now, including 5 arousal states and 3 flacid 'belly flop' positions. I'm working on piercings and accessories at the moment, getting the first run ready to go so I can finish up the code for add-ons and toys. The pic below shows a full array of piercings visible on the cock. *NOTE* Most people wouldn't want to use all of these at the same time (especially with like the Prince Albert and Reverse Albert), but I wanted to give you an idea of the variety that will be available from the get go. I also have more planned for launch.

The basic meshwork is also complete for the pussy. There are 6 states of arousal. As with the cock above, the image below shows a range of piercings, including some chastity locks (a 5 Lock through inner labia rings set, and a single long lock through the same rings). In particular, I think the labia chains are pretty unique (same for the chain on the cock). I do have more accessories planned for launch for these as well.

These will both, of course, come A5 ready with HUDs to custimize every surface. Plans for addons are still fluid. I expect I'll include some options with the genitals out of the bag, along with a bare version, and then supplement that with separate accessories and toys that can be purchased separately by those interested. These will be easy to install, but will require you being able to rez the genitals and attachment (You'll then get a popup to prompt you for permission to link them). This will make it easy for those who want more goodies to add them on, while allowing those who don't want them to keep their render costs to a minimum. Anyway... more info on that later.

Feel free to pop into SN or SNU chat with feedback or suggestions. I try to stay logged in full time, so even if I don't respond at the time, I'll be able to read back any discussions or comments left in group chat. Direct IMs are also welcome... but just send what you have to say. I'll get the IM when I am around, and I am constantly in and out of SL. Blender, and Photoshop right now.

Stay Sinful, wicked ones!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bonus: Shape 8 - Human Ears!

Human ears were always part of the plan... and then they got lost in the shuffle. I'm working on Sinteract!2 and the genitals this week... but I wanted to sneak these in while I could. They are in the store now... you can also get both the Demo and the Full Version on the SLMP (or PrimBay).

Sunday, February 9, 2014

All 7 Fae Mesh Ears are now in the Store!

Alright, Sinners!

All 7 shapes of the Mesh Fae Ears (for piercing Design 1) are ready! You can find them in the Main Store in the New Items Vendor in the Arrival Plaza, or just use the ground telepads and choose Elf Ears to go straight to the regular vendors in Infernal Incarnations.

If you prefer shopping online, here are the links for the SLMP & Primbay:
(Primbay is run by Casper Warden of CasperVend fame, in case you are curious)




Stay Sinful! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mesh Fae Ears Shape 4... bagged and vendored!

Another one bites the dust, as it were! With a little luck, I'll get the last 3 from this run out tomorrow... but definitely by Sunday.

These are in the store, just like the others... and in the SLMP... as are the Demos!

As before, reviews are welcome =)

What's next at Sinful Needs?

Just a quick progress report to wet your whistle!

After the Mesh Fae Ears are ready (or the first run anyway, since there will be more piercing styles later on), I'll be getting to work on the S!2 HUD beta. Expect to see that available for FREE in the store in the next few days.

I'll be working on finalizing the S! HUD as I get the first Genitals Releases ready. I hope to have those ready for next weekend... but depending on complications, they could run longer than that.

Once the first Genitals are released, I'll be working on the new Full Mesh Breasts, as well as the V3 update for the Aphrodites, which will include a partial Mesh conversion to offer as much Tangos compatibility as I can muster. Target date for that is two weeks out.

Once those are in the store, I'll be FINALLY getting around to working on the Ushimimi items that previewed in the Guide Book for the Aphrodites way back when. I have some variants of that stuff in the works as well... most notably including the hooves Szala has been wearing for a year now!

Past that... I have some ideas, and there are lots of A5 Updates (and S!2 Updates) to get to work on! Keep your eyes open for some new projects though... especially the "Needs" Project... more info coming on that as I can get things done *winks* but I think you'll all be very interested that one when I can unveil it!

Stay Sinful!

Mesh Fae Ears Shape 3!

Shape 3 is in the store... and I'm working on uploading Shape 4 textures now!

You can find them all in the New Arrivals vendor next to the teleporters in the Arrival Plaza at the Main Store, or in the Infernal Incarnations department next to the Umbral sculpted Ears (Choose Elf Ears on the Telepads on the ground).

If you prefer to shop on the SLMP, you can get both the Demo and the Full Version there as well! Reviews would be very welcome!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Mesh Fae Ears - Shape 2 is in the Store!

2 down... 5 more shapes to go! I should get the rest of these into the store over the next week! You can find the vendor for these right next to the Shape 1 vendors... or grab the full version or Demos on the SLMP!

Friday, January 31, 2014

The first Mesh Fae Ears are In the Store!

Well it took longer than I expected it to, but that's what I get for updating Alchemy AND Sinteract! all while trying to get new Mesh Ears ready for the store, I suppose. Regardless, the first shape is in the store now!

The package includes 3 Guage/Stretched sizes, plus one un-stretched, skull-pierced version. The new A5 Product HUD is loaded and ready to go. I think everyone will be pleased with how well it all came together.

I uploaded some new Tutorial Videos to My YouTube channel earlier tonight, and you can find those in this playlist. Have a look... or just grab your free Demos!

These are available in the store at the Arrival Plaza... or in Infernal Incarnations, down near the Umbral ears. Just use a Teleporter Pad to go to "Elf Ears." You can also get either the Full Retail version or the DEMOS on the SLMP.

Now I'll be working on the other shapes of Fae Ears, with a little work on the new S!2 HUD beta, which will become available in the store for free very soon! Keep your eyes here, in the groups, and on the YouTube channel for more info on that front!

Psst... the Genitals are up right after the rest of the ears... so plenty of fun is on the way!