Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Long, Quiet Dark in Between...

Greetings, Sinners! Until the Photo Contest Announcement yesterday, it had been a year since the last Blog Update. It's hard to believe how easily so much time can slip by... but it did! *chuckles*

New items have hit the store several times during the intertim, however, including the Gothqiue and Umbral skin lines... as well as the Umbral Ears.

The A4 HUD also rolled over V2. The new HUD has a lot of great enhancements, and due to the changes in the interface and function, Galathir has setup a number of Tutorial Videos to go along with the update.

The work never ends though, and right now, Galathir is working on the Sinteract! Genitals and a global A4.1 update that will bring all new attachments fully into spec for the v2 HUDs.

Expect to see more regular updates here on the blog again... and don't forget to enjoy a More Sinful Second Life!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sinful Needs Photo Contest!

Sinful Needs is pleased to announce it's first ever Photo Contest! We're looking for hot and sexy shots of our deliciously wicked Needful Sinners doing anything Sinners do here on the Island of Atlan tu Sura! We'd love to see some amazing party shots of the crowds in The Pit or on Temptation Strand, but shots from anywhere on the island will qualify. Wickedly Sinful shots from the Dungeon would be delectable! Primal, erotic images from the Cave near the Strand would be luscious. Indulge in your imagination and go wild! Galathir has added quite a bit of scenery in the past few weeks, so there should be plenty of background fare for you to display your favorite Needful Sinners against. Make sure you have a look around while you set up for your shot!

PRIZES: (Winners determined by simple high vote count)
• The Grand Prize Winner will receive a 5000L Gift Certificate to the Sinful Needs Store!
• One Runner up will receive a 2500L Gift Certificate to the Sinful Needs Store!
• Five Honorable Mentions will receive at 500L Gift Certificate to the Sinful Needs Store!
Additionally, all 7 winners will receive a special '~ Hardcore Sinner ~' Tag/Role in the Sinful Needs Group so they can flaunt their bragging rights while still flying their Sinful colors!


Images may be cropped or resized, but should not otherwise be manipulated in outside software. This is intended to be an 'SL Photography' contest, not a Photoshop contest. Images from Photo-friendly viewers, such as Kirtens S21, will be allowed.

This contest will -only- be open to members of the Sinful Needs or Sinful Needs Updates groups. Entrants should insure that one of these groups is set to "Display in My Groups" in your profile so this can be confirmed. We will officially start taking entries at Midnight SLT on Friday, April 29, 2011, and continue to do so until two weeks later at Midnight SLT on Friday, May 13, 2011. Entries must be submitted as full permission images directly to Galathir Darkstone. Images should be named: "SN Photo Contest <Your Name>". If you wish to title your image, please do so in the Description Field of the image properties. The voting/display board will have SQUARE panels - submissions should be 512x512 pixels to avoid being further cropped or distorted.

Voting will be open to the public on our island, Atlan tu Sura, starting no later than Midnight SLT on Saturday, May 14, 2011 until at Midnight SLT on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Voting mechanics will be a simple 'Click-to-Vote' system that will only allow each voter to vote once (or once per category, should entry volume be high enough to require multiple categories).

Winners will be announced by Midnight SLT on Saturday, May 28, 2011. This announcement will be made to the Sinful Needs group, the Sinful Needs Updates group, on the Sinful Needs store blog, and on In The Pit club blog. Winners will also be contacted by IM and/or notecard to collect their prizes.

Fine Print: By submitting an image to Galathir Darkstone for this contest, you give Sinful Needs permission to display your image in promotional materials related to the Club/SIM/Store, such as our Blogs or on our Flickr page. Images so displayed will be credited to the Avatar Name shown as Creator in the image properties. Submissions not eligible for the contest due to rules violations will not be included for voting. Sinful Needs & Galathir Darkstone reserve the right to alter the rules if entry volume requires it to assure that all eligible entries are given fair exposure to the voters. Atlan tu Sura is categorized by Linden Lab as an Adult Sim. Neither Sinful Needs nor Galathir Darkstone are responsible for insuring Account Verification so participants can access the Sim.