Thursday, October 2, 2014

RL Challenges delaying SL Work....

Howdy howdy, Sinners. .I just wanted to drop a note here to let everyone know that the past stretch here has been full of RL Challenges that have been a major impediment to constructive progress in SL. Hopefully this cycle will be winding down soon, and I'll be able to get some work done. Until then, I do continue to try and respond to all IMs (which I recieve via email, even if I don't manage to get logged in), but you can also feel free to reach out to the CSRs, who may either be online, or be able to respond before I can: Crimson Cybertar (Brian), Nicolas Baryl (Nicci), and Junocalisa Resident (Jiino). They can answer most questions as well as I can, though there are some things, like redeliveries, bugs, and failed transactions, that only I can handle.

My apologies for the delays, and thanks for you patience.