Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gettin' Hot in here!

Galathir is proud to announce his first Special Effects set for Sinful Needs! This powerful set of scripted attachments produces some stunning Hellfire particle effects, which are comprised of Galathir's own custom combination of up to 6 brand new particles, blending together 4 colors you can completely customize through your A4 HUD! Not only can you tweak and massage the colors to create just the look you want, but you also have control over just how much is enough! Starting with the flames particle effects, which are actually comprised of 3 layers of images riding on your palette of 4 custom colors, you can choose to add Sparks, Hellfire Droplets, & Smoke to fill the air with menace or delight to suit your whims!

For a thorough preview of how flexible the effects are, as well as a tutorial on how to wrangle all the power under your control, take a look at the new tutorial video on Galathir's youTube Channel:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Darkspine Sentinels... Bristling and Ready!

The Darkspine Sentinel Armor & Spines sets are the latest full set of demon accessories to hit the vendors at Sinful Needs. The sculpted Darkspine Sentinel plates & spikes really make a statement... while the underlying horns, body spines, & serpentine tail all scream pure demon! As part of the line launch, the bare body spines are also now available for those who aren't into 'heavy metal' but still want to get their demon on! The subsets are coming for those interested in just picking up the Horns, Tail, Back & Breast, Arms, or Legs only... but the full sets and full sets with hooves are available now in the store and on the SL Marketplace here. For more beauty shots, vendor panel images, and to see the options pics, check out our Darkspine Sentinel Flickr Set.

New Hair to Sin in!

Some of you have already asked me about the new hairstyles I snuck into some of the Darkspine Sentinel images (including the one Vyvienne is wearing in the store)... and those are now available! I've just added 8 new Female Hairstyles to the store in the new Sorceri Hair line! As you'll see, one of these styles was inspired by a long time favorite hairstyle that's no longer available in SL, and the others grew from that one! All 8 features some nice details, and are packed with the latest A4.1 & Sinteract! scripting. You can find 2 vendors at the front of the main store (opposite the Multi-vendors) and one on the second floor by the eyes. Additionally, these should be available in the multi-vendor at the  Vleet Mature Satellite shop. Box shots & more info follow.