Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sinful Needs Basilisk Petites Released!

Greetings, Sinners! Hot on the heels of the Basilisk Skins line comes the first Sinful Needs Petites! You can now get Marilith & Morkoth in a petites version... complete with all of their Basilisk Wickedness in a single package. While these wicked lil things are certainly smaller than the usual Avatar, they are actually even more full of features than the Basilisk Skins Full Packages... and even come with their own scripted genitals! (These are pretty light duty, script-wise, but they certainly suit these little Petites perfectly!)

In addition to all the usual Petites options, these two come with their own versions of the Tail, Horns, Body Spines, Claws, & Silks that were included with the Skins Full Packages! Additionally, since they are prim/mesh-based, they can change their face to any of the 24 options in the full line, as well as swap between the Plated and No Plates version of the skins. They even come with Prim Eyes and a Lite HUD loaded with 10 Basilisk Eyes textures. Add to that all the Control HUD goodness... and the usual array of A4 awesomeness... and these little ones are packing serious fun!

Get the Demos in the Store or in the SLMP: Marilith / Morkoth ! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Morkoth & Marilith Baslisk Skins!

Greetings, Sinners! The first two skins in the new Baslisk skin line are now in the Main Store and listed on SLMP!

Each 'Single' Skin includes 4 facial options. The scale pattern on the face is the same for all four, but you get one with Brow Ridges and Forehead Plating, one with Plating only, one with Brows only, and one with just the scales. Furthermore, each one is offered on two body options: with back plates and without. This means there are 8 options for each skin.

These are packaged 3 ways: Basic skin packs include the Skin (with those 8 options), a modifiable shape, 2 eyes options, and a set of Mesh Demon Horns. Each of the 6 faces has it's own scale pattern and individual horns design. The Full skin packs include everything in the Basic package, plus a set of Mesh Body Spines, Rigged Mesh Fingernail Claws, Un-rigged Mesh Feet with claws, an Animated Mesh Spined Tail, and a set of Partial-Mesh Basilisk Silks! Finally, there are Complete skin packs for Marilith and Morkoth, which include all 6 Full skin packs, giving you all the face options and all the horn options in one package.

Free Demos are now available... so hope over to the Main Store to check them out, or grab the on SLMP here: Morkoth Demos - Marilth Demos.

If you just want to see more pics for now, check out the new Flickr Set!