Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unleash Your Beast - The Savage Beast Line!

The holidays have come and gone... and I feel a bit like they ran me over ;) Just before Christmas, I did get the old Neko/Anthro items updated to A4... and actually merged them into a new line: The Savage Beast! This new line has a full assortment of attachments, including Upper & Lower Body Furs so you can Unleash Your Best... without having to cover any of it up!

The Line includes Plain & Jewelled (Style 1) versions of: Ears, Upper & Lower Body Fur, Forearms, Straight & Bushy Tails, Full & Calf-Down Legs & paws! Additionally, I whipped up some Mane-Like Hair (Long & Short for Male and Female), a set of Prim Whiskers, and 4 sets of Tattooes to let you toss some Stripes or Spots over your favorite skin! Everything is available in both Male & Female versions! As a side note, you may want to check out Alia's new Hybrid Skins over at Fallen Gods... as the Furred Hybrids skins go GREAT with the new Savage Beast line!

Right now, this line is only available in-world, though now that I'm recovering from the Holidays, I hope to have it all listed on XStreet soon!