Friday, January 31, 2014

The first Mesh Fae Ears are In the Store!

Well it took longer than I expected it to, but that's what I get for updating Alchemy AND Sinteract! all while trying to get new Mesh Ears ready for the store, I suppose. Regardless, the first shape is in the store now!

The package includes 3 Guage/Stretched sizes, plus one un-stretched, skull-pierced version. The new A5 Product HUD is loaded and ready to go. I think everyone will be pleased with how well it all came together.

I uploaded some new Tutorial Videos to My YouTube channel earlier tonight, and you can find those in this playlist. Have a look... or just grab your free Demos!

These are available in the store at the Arrival Plaza... or in Infernal Incarnations, down near the Umbral ears. Just use a Teleporter Pad to go to "Elf Ears." You can also get either the Full Retail version or the DEMOS on the SLMP.

Now I'll be working on the other shapes of Fae Ears, with a little work on the new S!2 HUD beta, which will become available in the store for free very soon! Keep your eyes here, in the groups, and on the YouTube channel for more info on that front!

Psst... the Genitals are up right after the rest of the ears... so plenty of fun is on the way!