Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sinful Needs Basilisk Petites Released!

Greetings, Sinners! Hot on the heels of the Basilisk Skins line comes the first Sinful Needs Petites! You can now get Marilith & Morkoth in a petites version... complete with all of their Basilisk Wickedness in a single package. While these wicked lil things are certainly smaller than the usual Avatar, they are actually even more full of features than the Basilisk Skins Full Packages... and even come with their own scripted genitals! (These are pretty light duty, script-wise, but they certainly suit these little Petites perfectly!)

In addition to all the usual Petites options, these two come with their own versions of the Tail, Horns, Body Spines, Claws, & Silks that were included with the Skins Full Packages! Additionally, since they are prim/mesh-based, they can change their face to any of the 24 options in the full line, as well as swap between the Plated and No Plates version of the skins. They even come with Prim Eyes and a Lite HUD loaded with 10 Basilisk Eyes textures. Add to that all the Control HUD goodness... and the usual array of A4 awesomeness... and these little ones are packing serious fun!

Get the Demos in the Store or in the SLMP: Marilith / Morkoth ! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Morkoth & Marilith Baslisk Skins!

Greetings, Sinners! The first two skins in the new Baslisk skin line are now in the Main Store and listed on SLMP!

Each 'Single' Skin includes 4 facial options. The scale pattern on the face is the same for all four, but you get one with Brow Ridges and Forehead Plating, one with Plating only, one with Brows only, and one with just the scales. Furthermore, each one is offered on two body options: with back plates and without. This means there are 8 options for each skin.

These are packaged 3 ways: Basic skin packs include the Skin (with those 8 options), a modifiable shape, 2 eyes options, and a set of Mesh Demon Horns. Each of the 6 faces has it's own scale pattern and individual horns design. The Full skin packs include everything in the Basic package, plus a set of Mesh Body Spines, Rigged Mesh Fingernail Claws, Un-rigged Mesh Feet with claws, an Animated Mesh Spined Tail, and a set of Partial-Mesh Basilisk Silks! Finally, there are Complete skin packs for Marilith and Morkoth, which include all 6 Full skin packs, giving you all the face options and all the horn options in one package.

Free Demos are now available... so hope over to the Main Store to check them out, or grab the on SLMP here: Morkoth Demos - Marilth Demos.

If you just want to see more pics for now, check out the new Flickr Set!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updates... Updates... Updates!

Alright, Sinners! I', still working on any number of projects... as mentioned in the last post... and some of them are nearing completion. In addition, I've been grinding away on all the updates that desperately need to be done for the store. I've made good progress on that front recently... including updates for most of the Classic Prim Demon Horns, the Classic Furred Demon Legs, the Umbral Ears, the Flexi Prim Demon Tails (all 52 of them! Yarrr!), and the Gamorean Sculpted Hooves!

All of these items have been updated to the latest A4 and Sinteract! scripting... and they all now include a Lite A4 HUD in their packages, just like the updates to the Wings earlier this year, and the new Mesh Horns and Animated Mesh Demon tails! Additionally, there are Demo crates available for all of them at the Main Store and on the SLMP.

More soon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Coming Up at Sinful Needs?

Greetings, Sinners! I just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know what's going on with the store... what's coming in the second half of 2012... and what the hold up is on certain projects you've already heard/seen me chatter about in group chat.

First up, I know that there are still a lot of you wondering when the Sinteract! Genitals are going to be ready. As I've said far too often in the last year, that project has turned into something much larger than I originally planned, but it is still progressing. I have some code work left to do on the scripts, some sculpt (and maybe mesh) work left to do on the genitals themselves, and a fair chunk of animation work for what I have planned for the launch release. Make no mistake, I'm as excited about getting them into the store as anyone else... but more than anything else, I want to make sure that what I deliver on launch day for them is a very solid effort, worthy of the patience and eagerness that you all, my customers, have shown for the project.

Next up is the Eclipse of Innocence line. There are a number of reasons this hasn't quite surfaced yet, some of them related to that dreaded Other Life keeping me busy with this and that, as well as an emerging change in dynamics with the store in general. I will leak a little more information about the vision for EoI to sate curiosity, however. Eclipse of Innocence is intended to fill some holes in the store's offerings for Dark Role Play. In particular, it will launch with some jewelry and piercings. The overall theme for the line is intended to be.... dark, gothic, elegant, and mystical. Beyond jewelry, expect to see some corsets, dark dolly gothic wind up keys, and, eventually, some clothes as well. Think twisted, kinky Alice in Wonderland... and you're probably headed down the right rabbit hole for where Eclipse of Innocence will find its niche.

Perhaps most relevant to the short term are the new Mesh Hooves that I'm working on right now. These have grown from just a pair of sculpted femme hooves to a full blown mesh project that includes some rigged mesh 'boot' leggings. The first version of these (with leather straps & D-rings) are actually quite close to release at this point, though I ran into a bit of a hiccup when setting up the particle chain anchors to line up with the D-Rings on the straps for the rigged mesh leggings. I'm in the process of sorting that out now, and then will be eager to release these. Like some other things, the original plan for these has grown.... and in addition to the Hooves/Boots, expect to see a bare feet (with human toe nails and claws) version coming afterward, as well as a 'pawed' version that will surely appeal to all of our anthro/furry Sinners. Also, I'll be working up from the toes/hooves to create a matching set of Arm Harnesses, a corset, and a chastity belt. Then following on the heels of the strapped set, I'll be getting the Ushimimi set ready... which got a little preview press in some of the pics for the Aphrodite Breasts (you can see these here in my Flickr Photostream for the Aphrodite GuideBook - note the ears, horns, and peak at the tail in addition to the outfit ;) ). Bare feet and paw versions of that set will also surface at some point beyond that... I think there are a number of 'kittehs' in particular that might enjoy the cute, playful bow & bell look. All the better to lure in their next snack ;)

Another important note regarding all movement forward with the store is the future of the A4 HUD: The One HUD package. When I introduced The One HUD back in 2008, it was something that served a powerful purpose for my customers, and helped to make customizing Sinful Needs items as flexible as possible, even if the learning curve seemed a little daunting to some at first. Moving forward, nearly all of the future releases are going to be making use of Baked Textures, which means that the Universal textures included in the current version of The One HUD are going to be less and less useful. That said, I know that many of you still enjoy the convenience of 'One HUD to Rule Them All' when it comes to Sinful Needs items. So while new releases and updates will continue to include A4 Lite HUDs set up specifically for those items, I have plans to improve The One HUD package as well, offering more flexibility to One HUD owners. This will include offering some segmented HUD options, such as a Sinteract! HUD only, or a Dance HUD & AO HUD only, as well as a combination of those three things. The reason for offering these options in that One HUD Package is mostly to allow people to limit their script load, as well as keep things as simple as possible. On the A4 side of The One HUD, it will be getting some tweaking to bring in the new advanced RGB Tinting interface you've seen in the new Lite A4 HUDs, as well as offering options for creating your own texture groups. The package will also be getting a few more goodies added to it beyond the Horns and Fangs already included... to rest assured that I'll do my best to make sure anyone who has purchased the A4 HUD will wind up with enough lagniappe (that's Nawlins-speak for free stuff) to show my thanks for supporting The One HUD during its run.

I could probably ramble on for a while longer, but I'll rein it in and close with one more note. About Skins: I've gotten a variety of questions about my skins, and I'll try to sum up where I'm going with those... when I can make some time to get more skin work done. *chuckles*:

  • There will be unmarked versions of the Ba'al & Lilith skins
  • There will be more colors in those lines as well (marked & unmarked)
  • There are 4 or 5 more skin tones that need to be added to the Legends lines still
  • There will be completely new skins surfacing as well!
  • In one fashion or another, I -DO- plan to support the Petite community with skins
That's it for now! Stay Sinful!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sinful Needs Wings Update!

Greetings, Sinners! The v.2.13 Seraph II and v2.11 Demon Wings updates just went out full of some A4 refinements, including a workaround for that annoying issue where the wings don't show they are repositioning until you take them off and put them back on. The Update notes are:

    Package now includes an A4 HUD Lite for customization. See package notecards for details.
    Added in a workaround to the A4 Scripting to full attachments will now correctly reposition via script, without having to remove them to force a viewer update.
    Added Coms handler to Wing Core scripts to receive the Hide/Show command from the Wings panel buttons added last HUD update.
    Added subpart bypass for Shoulders/Wings PSR to perform 'ALL' changes to wings. Which just means that Shoulders/Wings will properly adjust the positional and rotational adjustments for the whole wings at the root prim as they should.

The big thing for new customers is the A4 HUD Lite, which is something that will be getting to all items as they are updated to the latest scripting. This move has become necessary as I start working with more and more specialized textures for attachments (like the Ears, Breasts, Mesh Horns, etc). That said, don't give up on your One HUD package... additions will be coming to that package in it's next update, including some more useful package options and new gifts for HUD owners ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Mesh Horns!

I polished off the last bit of work for the new Mesh Demon Horns early this morning... and there is an now a Multi-Vendor at the Main Store (right near the entrance) the features 20 new Mesh Demon Horns sets! There are a variety of horn shapes, each featuring several jewelled, decorative bands. New to these horns is the introduction of some PrimTattoo layers, which are used to offer a variety of Special Effects that can be displayed on the Horns and/or Jewelry and Cuticles. These effects range from blood and grime to flowing runes, lightning, fire, and flowing lava! The included HUD features a texture group specifically for the special effects.

Additionally, these horns are the first general attachments to feature the more specialized texturing that will become more prominent at Sinful Needs moving forward, which is why a specially configured A4 HUD Lite is included in the package.

Head to the store to have a look, check out the pics on the Flickr Stream, or hit the SLMP to get yours now. At botht he Main Store and the SLMP, a crate of all 20 Demos are available for free. The Crate sits right in front of the Multi-Vendor at the Main Store... or you can grab it right here at the SLMP.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Aphrodite Prim Breasts v1.5 Update

My Aphrodite Breasts v1.5 update just rolled out into my store tonight, full of lots of nice polish, a few bug fixes, and a new HUD that is included in the package to make Skin-Matching a snap. I've done up a GuideBook to help people get started with them. The images for that guidebook can be seen here on my Flikr page.

You can get the fully functional demo package, which includes the GuideBook and HUD (and a snazzy floating demo sign over your head) here on the SL MarketPlace.

And you can get the full version here on the SLMP at my store here.
The Updates Notes Follow, but perhaps the biggest important feature is that the Breast Sculpts have been remapped to use skin textures like the other mainstays of the community, and they will now accept Skin Appliers for eCorp OverFilleds, eCorp Overfilled/Animes, vStrings, and other related appliers. Additionally, my included skin textures have been redone and improved (significantly, I believe). With the addition of the new HUD that comes with them, they are MUCH easier to skin match.

Obviously I could ramble on at great length in my enthusiasm, but I'll just post the update notes and shut up now

Update Notes:

20120603: v1.50
-  Package now includes a specialized Aphrodite Breasts A4 HUD!
-      Makes Skin-Matching easier than ever with advanced RGB Tinting controls
-      Includes even more Universal Skin Tones for more flexible matching
-      Includes easy access to ROR controls for adjusting all custom applied layers for the best fit
-  Revised Breast, Tattoo Layer, & Bra Layer Sculpt maps
-  New Skin & Tattoo Layer sculpts are now mapped like other industry standards, including eCorp Overfilled/Anime, :mused:, Lola's, & vString
-      Now compatible with skin appliers for eCorp Overilleds, eCorp Overilled Animes, & vStrings
-      Custom Skin layers created for Lola's can now be used on Aphrodites Implants using included Appliers
-  All Skin Textures have been revised and improved for the new sculpts
-  All Tattoo Textures have been revised and improved for the new sculpts
-  2 New Tribal Tattoo Designs
-  Fixed a bug where the Style Memory wasn't saving Texture & RGB info for built in skins
-  Fixed a bug where RGB tinting from Memory wasn't updating current RGB memory.
-  Expanded Leash To Menu:
-      Rez Post to rez a post to leash to (must have land rights to rez objects).
-      Give Posts / Give Handles to deliver a folder of Posts or Handles to you.
-  Added communications to try and re-establish your leash after your leash holder TPed/Relogged.
-  Fixed an oversight where if leashed to a Post and the owner of that post attached a Leash Handle (or logged in / TPed in wearing a Handle), your leash(es) would automatically jump to the Handle.
-  Fixed a bug that caused the Top to reload after changing skin RGB
-  Fixed a bug that loaded all Style elements from a Memory slot, even if some were unchecked
-  Fixed a bug that could drop RGB tint information from Styling data when saving to memory slots

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get some Tail at Sinful Needs!

Galathir has a couple of projects brewing side-by-side right now, but a few days ago he realized just how long it has been since new demon tails were introduced to the store, as well as how slim the selection actually felt. He decided it was time to do something about... and in classic Galathir Overkill style, forty-eight new tails began to take shape in his workshop!

These new tails join the Gamorean line of demonic accessories. falling in with styles matching the Gamorean sculpted Demon Hooves. In particular, there are 3 families of tails: Dronar, Mazzaru, & Zaduun. These each carry the representative characteristics of that Gamorean Demon Clan: Dronar offer sleek, smooth line, while the Mazzaru feature thorn-like spines that can extend when aroused or enraged... and the Zaduun tails carry their trademark chitinous barbs and carapace like plates.

Each of the three clans is represented on  four basic styles of tails. The Primal tails are the typical single tail, most often seen sweeping lazily behind a demon as they prowl the nights. The Archon tails are an abberant Tri-Tail, reflecting the tendency of chaos and mutation to surface in the breeds native to the Endless Abyss. The Ravager tails are longer tails, usually seen somewhat elevated and trailing gracefully behind as they enhance a demon's balance as they decimate their victims. And finally, the Ascendant tails are longer still... so long, in fact, that most are supported by a harness of chains linked to the demon's spine - a true sign of power, ancient age, or both!

Within the three clans and four styles, there is, however, still one more facet of individuality layered upon the first two, and it's one that Galathir would never skip on: Ornamentation! Each of the afore-mentioned tail styles is offered bare, of course, but is also offered Cuffed in the finest measure of demonic allows, sporting padlocks and chains... bewjewelled in bands set with the rarest gems, ivories, & prescious metals to be found in all the dark realms... or bound and secured with straps of exotic leathers, affixed with skull-decorated buckles and dangling ends.

Doing the evil Math, this turned into Forty-Eight new Gamorean Demon Taila, all of which an be found on the new, extended Demon Tails vendor wall at the Main Store. Taking the vending one step further, Galathir has also setup a HoloVendor near the entrance, across the from the large Multi-Vendors, that will rez a display model of the tails as you browse the vendor's content... so you can enjoy all the delicious primwork up close and personal while you decide which tail suits your desires!

As a footnote to all the new tail goodness, it's worth noting that Galathir also updated the classic Angrumax demon tails, and that those updates will be going out later today via the Update Server. These revisions bring the classic standbys up to A4.1 spec, as well as feature the new extended Tail Core menu, which includes a native Tail > Length menu to give you that last touch of customization once you get the base of the tail the size you want with your A4 HUD.

And in one last effort to make it as easy as possible for every Sinner to Get their Demon On in the best way possible, Galathir revised the prices on the Angrumax Demon Tail line, making them more accessible... and priced the new Gamorean Tails with the same sensibilities. What does this mean for you? It means that every Sinful Needs Demon Tail is now available for less that 500L, with the simplest tails coming in at under 300L - despite all of them being packed with A4.1, Core, & Sinteract! wickedness!

Expect to see these tails all hit the SL Marketplace later today as well!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sinful Needs Gets Inked!

Initially designed to compliment and customize the scarification on his Ba'al & Lilith demon skins, Galathir has created a set of tattoos that follow the same demonic lines that those scars do (though this kinky ink looks incredible on any skin). The Full Body Tattoo set comes with two types of tattoo: 1 that follows the scars themselves, outlining the area within (the 'Outline' version), and those that fill the area within (the 'Inner' version). Due to some significant difference in the way light RGB tints and dark RGB tints played on the Outline versions, Galathir took that one step further and offered 'Light' and 'Dark' versions of the Outline tattoos. Not content with just those few options, the Master of Option Overkill further created 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% saturation versions of those tattoos so you could get just the level of ink you desire! That's 12 full body tattoo options... ALL of which are 100% RGB tintable! The Inner & Outline Dark tattoos come out of the bag pre-tinted black, while the Outline Light tattoos come un-tinted white. To change the color they are tinted with, wear them and use the SL 'Edit Appearance' or 'Edit Outfit' feature, depending on what viewer you are using:

• For Phoenix 1.60 & Other Viewer 1 derivatives: Right-Click your avatar and choose 'Appearance' from the radial menu. Now choose the Clothing Layer you are wearing (i.e. Tattoo, Undershirt, Underpants, Socks, Glove, Shirt, or Pants). You will see a 'Color/Tint' box near the middle of the window. Click that panel, and you can use your normal color swatches, type in RGB values, or use the picker to choose a new color of the tattoo!

• For Firestorm & Other Viewer 2/3 derivatives: Find the tattoo/clothing layer in your inventory that you are wearing, Right Click it, and choose 'Edit.' You will see a 'Color/Tint' box near the middle of the window. Click that panel, and you can use your normal color swatches, type in RGB values, or use the picker to choose a new color of the tattoo!

In addition to the Tattoo Layers, Galathir has provided Shirt, Undershirt, & Glove layers for the upper body tattoos, as well as Pants, Underpants, & Sock layers for the lower body tattoos for those who don't have a Tattoo layer available. Note, however, that the Facial Tattooing will NOT appear unless you wear an actual Tattoo Layer.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

God Silks got more Divine!

The God SIlks: Destroyer of Hope sets havejust  been updated to A4.1! This is a major polish update, unlocking all of the fantastic features the v2 HUD brought to Sinful Needs, and will have you falling in lust with this set all over again!

For you lil Petites flitting about, this set will now freely scale down to the 35% you'll need to fit your tiny Fallen!

For those who already have the set and are eager to get your update, it should come the next time you wear your set... or log in wearing it. You can also opt to visit the Redelivery Terminal at the main store. If all else fails, IM Galathir Darkstone and I'll get it to you ASAP!

Update Notes:

(20120204) v1.10:
    Major A4.1 Update! Now compatible with all A4.1 Features including:
        Indicator Lights (no more chat spam)
        RGB Color Picker
        Animated Texture controls
        Bump Mapping changes
        Sinteract! My Toys Panel
        Attachment-Class Link limited Changes
        Improved Access Control, including available Masters Menu access
        Script Locking/Removal
        No more long-arsed item names in your Sinteract! Emotes!
    Additionally, the God Silks have been directly improved:
        All versions of Lower Silks now combined & Menued
        Reduced Script Counts
        Smoother Tail animations (no more weird Scissoring... ever!)
        Menus for:
            Hide/Show Tail (shrinks & buries prims in the root!)
            Single Drape toggle forthe new Tattered Runecloth
                & Furs textures in the Silks Texture Group
                Codpiece/Futa Cover
                Front Silks Drapes
                Back Silks Drapes
            Close/Open Codpiece toggle for Male silks (Open is like the
                classic non-enclosed lower silks - 'Peekable')
            Extend & Retract the tail Spines (just like the Darkspine gear
                even responds/sends to those pieces)
        Tail Texture Alignment now corrected to work with Ba'al/Lilith
                (and other gradient) tail textures
        Flesh Texture Alignment onLegs & Hooves also correctly oriented
        Silks Textures re-aligned for proper display of new Silks Textures

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Eyes Have It!

Greetings, Sinners! The Occularum Prim Eyes have hit the store! You'll need the A4 HUD for all the customizations, but glow, shine, & texture changing eyes are now waiting for you at Sinful Needs. Oh... did we mention they come with 2 texture packs that house 28 colors of eyes on 10 pupil patterns? 280+ eyes all in one! Ready for any future texture packs Galathir may craft for his eyes... these may be the last pair you ever need!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gettin' Hot in here!

Galathir is proud to announce his first Special Effects set for Sinful Needs! This powerful set of scripted attachments produces some stunning Hellfire particle effects, which are comprised of Galathir's own custom combination of up to 6 brand new particles, blending together 4 colors you can completely customize through your A4 HUD! Not only can you tweak and massage the colors to create just the look you want, but you also have control over just how much is enough! Starting with the flames particle effects, which are actually comprised of 3 layers of images riding on your palette of 4 custom colors, you can choose to add Sparks, Hellfire Droplets, & Smoke to fill the air with menace or delight to suit your whims!

For a thorough preview of how flexible the effects are, as well as a tutorial on how to wrangle all the power under your control, take a look at the new tutorial video on Galathir's youTube Channel:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Darkspine Sentinels... Bristling and Ready!

The Darkspine Sentinel Armor & Spines sets are the latest full set of demon accessories to hit the vendors at Sinful Needs. The sculpted Darkspine Sentinel plates & spikes really make a statement... while the underlying horns, body spines, & serpentine tail all scream pure demon! As part of the line launch, the bare body spines are also now available for those who aren't into 'heavy metal' but still want to get their demon on! The subsets are coming for those interested in just picking up the Horns, Tail, Back & Breast, Arms, or Legs only... but the full sets and full sets with hooves are available now in the store and on the SL Marketplace here. For more beauty shots, vendor panel images, and to see the options pics, check out our Darkspine Sentinel Flickr Set.

New Hair to Sin in!

Some of you have already asked me about the new hairstyles I snuck into some of the Darkspine Sentinel images (including the one Vyvienne is wearing in the store)... and those are now available! I've just added 8 new Female Hairstyles to the store in the new Sorceri Hair line! As you'll see, one of these styles was inspired by a long time favorite hairstyle that's no longer available in SL, and the others grew from that one! All 8 features some nice details, and are packed with the latest A4.1 & Sinteract! scripting. You can find 2 vendors at the front of the main store (opposite the Multi-vendors) and one on the second floor by the eyes. Additionally, these should be available in the multi-vendor at the  Vleet Mature Satellite shop. Box shots & more info follow.