Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Genitals Project... progress and complications!

Well as most of you know now, I've been back at work on the Genitals full time for the past month or so. I have gotten a TON of work done, and things are moving along at an energetic pace! While I am currently doing battle with some pretty deep code for the Access Control script in the S!2 HUD (which needs to be finished to ship with and control the Genitals), I am still very optimistic about being able to get the first naughty bits in the store this month!

Without going on at too great a length, I do want to say that I am pleased and excited with the way the S!2 system is shaping up, on top of how proud I am of the mesh and texture work in the genitals themselves. I really think that you all will be very happy with the end result... and at least some of you will enjoy all the hard labor I've sunk into the Arousal system and Access Control modules. There is a lot of flexibility built into both, with the Arousal system offering for other S!2 HUD users nearby turning you on, both just because they happen to be a gender you are attracted to, and because they are having a little wicked fun with someone else... even if that is not you. Naturally you can take matters into your own hand and play with your own toys... and others will be able to play with you as well. And what's going to appeal to even more of you is that the Access Control module gives you full control over who can, or can't, float your boat... directly or otherwise!

As for the genitals themselves, I've gotten well into the genitals control coding, with the Cock being almost fully manually operable now. In addition, the Addon that will be included is well on it's way to being complete as well... and all of that hard work will be ripe for the plucking and adapting into the Pussies as soon as I get the cocks done!

So right about the end of the month I should be getting these into the store and then it's all done right? Hardly! What I am actually really looking forward to is getting the coding all done and the first genitals launched... so that I can turn My imagination lose in Blender again... and get to work on some variants! I know a whole host of demons and furries that are looking forward to seeing some more-than human bits hitting the store, and with a little luck, February will be a month full of naughty goodness as I roll some of those out!

Beyond that, probably also starting in February, I'll be working to get some updates done... because by then A5 and S!2 will be live... and it will be past time to get everything else that's staying in the store up to spec! This will make it easier than ever to control all of your Sinful Needs goodies, since the S!2 HUD will provide a central Menu for all attachments, and A5 updates mean Mesh Conversions for a lot of favorites... wings... tails... horns... etc... not to mention baked textures to give everything a fantastic refreshed look! Oh... and let's not skip past the fact that S!2 arousal will be able to feed back into many of the other attachments you love now, (optionally) causing them to react in ways that let everyone around you know you're getting heated up!

Alright... apparently I fail at keeping it short... and it's been a long night of scripting... so I'm going to leave it there and get some rest.... so I can get back to it later, and make more progress on the naughty bits!