Friday, June 15, 2012

Sinful Needs Wings Update!

Greetings, Sinners! The v.2.13 Seraph II and v2.11 Demon Wings updates just went out full of some A4 refinements, including a workaround for that annoying issue where the wings don't show they are repositioning until you take them off and put them back on. The Update notes are:

    Package now includes an A4 HUD Lite for customization. See package notecards for details.
    Added in a workaround to the A4 Scripting to full attachments will now correctly reposition via script, without having to remove them to force a viewer update.
    Added Coms handler to Wing Core scripts to receive the Hide/Show command from the Wings panel buttons added last HUD update.
    Added subpart bypass for Shoulders/Wings PSR to perform 'ALL' changes to wings. Which just means that Shoulders/Wings will properly adjust the positional and rotational adjustments for the whole wings at the root prim as they should.

The big thing for new customers is the A4 HUD Lite, which is something that will be getting to all items as they are updated to the latest scripting. This move has become necessary as I start working with more and more specialized textures for attachments (like the Ears, Breasts, Mesh Horns, etc). That said, don't give up on your One HUD package... additions will be coming to that package in it's next update, including some more useful package options and new gifts for HUD owners ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Mesh Horns!

I polished off the last bit of work for the new Mesh Demon Horns early this morning... and there is an now a Multi-Vendor at the Main Store (right near the entrance) the features 20 new Mesh Demon Horns sets! There are a variety of horn shapes, each featuring several jewelled, decorative bands. New to these horns is the introduction of some PrimTattoo layers, which are used to offer a variety of Special Effects that can be displayed on the Horns and/or Jewelry and Cuticles. These effects range from blood and grime to flowing runes, lightning, fire, and flowing lava! The included HUD features a texture group specifically for the special effects.

Additionally, these horns are the first general attachments to feature the more specialized texturing that will become more prominent at Sinful Needs moving forward, which is why a specially configured A4 HUD Lite is included in the package.

Head to the store to have a look, check out the pics on the Flickr Stream, or hit the SLMP to get yours now. At botht he Main Store and the SLMP, a crate of all 20 Demos are available for free. The Crate sits right in front of the Multi-Vendor at the Main Store... or you can grab it right here at the SLMP.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Aphrodite Prim Breasts v1.5 Update

My Aphrodite Breasts v1.5 update just rolled out into my store tonight, full of lots of nice polish, a few bug fixes, and a new HUD that is included in the package to make Skin-Matching a snap. I've done up a GuideBook to help people get started with them. The images for that guidebook can be seen here on my Flikr page.

You can get the fully functional demo package, which includes the GuideBook and HUD (and a snazzy floating demo sign over your head) here on the SL MarketPlace.

And you can get the full version here on the SLMP at my store here.
The Updates Notes Follow, but perhaps the biggest important feature is that the Breast Sculpts have been remapped to use skin textures like the other mainstays of the community, and they will now accept Skin Appliers for eCorp OverFilleds, eCorp Overfilled/Animes, vStrings, and other related appliers. Additionally, my included skin textures have been redone and improved (significantly, I believe). With the addition of the new HUD that comes with them, they are MUCH easier to skin match.

Obviously I could ramble on at great length in my enthusiasm, but I'll just post the update notes and shut up now

Update Notes:

20120603: v1.50
-  Package now includes a specialized Aphrodite Breasts A4 HUD!
-      Makes Skin-Matching easier than ever with advanced RGB Tinting controls
-      Includes even more Universal Skin Tones for more flexible matching
-      Includes easy access to ROR controls for adjusting all custom applied layers for the best fit
-  Revised Breast, Tattoo Layer, & Bra Layer Sculpt maps
-  New Skin & Tattoo Layer sculpts are now mapped like other industry standards, including eCorp Overfilled/Anime, :mused:, Lola's, & vString
-      Now compatible with skin appliers for eCorp Overilleds, eCorp Overilled Animes, & vStrings
-      Custom Skin layers created for Lola's can now be used on Aphrodites Implants using included Appliers
-  All Skin Textures have been revised and improved for the new sculpts
-  All Tattoo Textures have been revised and improved for the new sculpts
-  2 New Tribal Tattoo Designs
-  Fixed a bug where the Style Memory wasn't saving Texture & RGB info for built in skins
-  Fixed a bug where RGB tinting from Memory wasn't updating current RGB memory.
-  Expanded Leash To Menu:
-      Rez Post to rez a post to leash to (must have land rights to rez objects).
-      Give Posts / Give Handles to deliver a folder of Posts or Handles to you.
-  Added communications to try and re-establish your leash after your leash holder TPed/Relogged.
-  Fixed an oversight where if leashed to a Post and the owner of that post attached a Leash Handle (or logged in / TPed in wearing a Handle), your leash(es) would automatically jump to the Handle.
-  Fixed a bug that caused the Top to reload after changing skin RGB
-  Fixed a bug that loaded all Style elements from a Memory slot, even if some were unchecked
-  Fixed a bug that could drop RGB tint information from Styling data when saving to memory slots