Monday, August 31, 2009

Dark Temptress A4 Update - Progress Report

This is a set I am definitely looking forward to having fully updated to A4... and it's almost ready! I am hoping to have these boxed & bagged tomorrow so I can start accepting exchanges for all of you who already have the set. I think you will be VERY, VERY pleased with all of the new options!

Just for starters, you'll have all the new textures available to texture and cross-texture how ever you want! Even better, I split the Metal surfaces into two groups, so now you have more customization options than ever before... and I have to say, I really love some of the looks you can create with the different textured trim.

Naturally, you can also apply a glow and/or transparency now as well, which looks incredible on the all white I tried out with Sin up above. Be sure to check out the Flickr Stream to see the other two images I uploaded here as well! I'll post again as soon as it is ready for exchanges/purchases.

Oh... for you guys... the Seducer sets are coming right behind as well. Within a day or two!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nihilim Magister Horns Get A4/Sinteract! Update

Update Time! I have more on the way (including the Dark Temptress & Seducer sets, which I hope to have ready over the weekend), but these are ready to go now, and I am ready to start excepting exchanged ~only for these horns~ to get you updated to A4!

FOR A1/A2/A3 --> A4 UPDATES! If you have a set of the Alchemy v3.0 version Nihilim Horns, you qualify for a free update! I DEFINITELY recommend to take advantage! In addition to all of the new options & functionality available with your A4 HUD, the Script Count on this set of horns has been DRAMATICALLY reduced. This means that they will be easier and more bug free to use!

• They will Attach & Detach Faster
• They are virtually immune to the TP Attachment Lock/Drop Bug
• The rare (but annoying) 'Cannot Rez This Object because it caused a problem in this region' messages should never occur again
• Your personal script time usage on any sim will be REDUCED, which is always a good thing! (The Idle time on the updated version is as little as 1% of the old version!)

Please read the following carefully to learn how to make the exchange. DO NOT just send me an old set of horns without reading this... or you may well just lose your old set of horns, since if I cannot determine who sent me a pair, I cannot send a replacement!

  1. MAKE SURE YOUR PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED! If you have not seen a notice or sign that specifically states that an item has been updated, please IM Galathir Darkstone BEFORE sending me ANYTHING for an update! If you send me an item that does NOT have an update available, I'm just going to send it right back to you. I won't be responsible for holding onto your inventory until an update is ready. I am working to get the updated items ready as fast as I can, but it does take time.
  2. Make sure you undertand that you MUST have an A4 HUD in order to have access to any Alchemy functions on the new A4 attachments (This includes Texture Change, Resizing, etc!)! This HUD is sold in my stores/mall shoppes, and does NOT come with the A4 attachments!
  3. Make sure you are not wearing the attachment/set.
  4. Make sure you have removed any extra, custom scripts that you want to keep! I will only be confirming what items have been sent to me for exchange, and then I WILL immediately delete them after sending your replacement! I will not be investigating to see if you have an Excite or Spellfire script (for example) in anything you send me.
  5. Place the attachment/set into it's own folder if it is not already in one.
  6. Rename that folder to include your FULL AVATAR NAME.
  7. Open my Profille and Drag that folder from your inventory onto the front page of my Profile.
  8. Be a little patient with me. As I get more and more items updated to A4, I expect to have quite a few exchanges to handle daily for some time. Barring RL complications, I will handle these exchanges within 24 hours. Many will be handled within a much shorter time, but if you find that you have waited more than a day, please send me an IM/Notecard to let me know.
  9. When you receive your A4 Updated Item, it will be a NEW, UNMODIFIED ITEM. It will be delivered in a 'Shopping Bag' with Copy permissions. This is your Clean Backup, and should anything happen to copy you are using, you will always be able to get a fresh attachment/set from that Bag.
  10. Rest easy knowing you will never again have to go through a manual exchange on this item, as Automated Updates are included as part of the A4 package! This means any future updates will be delivered to you automatically, with checkes performed each time any A4 item is rezzed/worn. I hope this bit will make you as happy as it does me!
* FOR NEW PURCHASES, you can find the vendors for this new goodie in any A4 Multi-Vendor, including the ones on either side of the display for "The One HUD" at my Main Store on Atlan Tu Sura, as well as the Mature Satellite Store on Vleet, and at every current mall location!
For those who are XStreet inclined, you can also find these right here: Jewelled • Tipped • Bare

If you purchase on XStreet, I would certainly appreciate you taking the time to rate and or review the item ;)


Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Release: Chiroptera Wings

By now most of you already know the Chiroptera Wings are finished and available at any A4 Vendor... as well as on XStreetSL! I'm very pleased with the way they turned out, and I think that you all will be as well. They are easily one of the most (if not the most) advanced sculpted wings in SL. They feature:

• 100% New & Custom Sculpts! These wings are brand new, and 100% Galathir's original creation! This means the maps are crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as everything else he creates! Visit the store and take a look at the model... and see for yourself how well the Inner Membrane and Outer Membrane mesh together... no gaps, no seams! Just 100% gorgeous wings!

• Only 8 Sculpt Maps! This means that while they use 59 prims each, they will load VERY quickly! In addition, those sculpt maps remain loaded at ALL TIMES. This means your wings won't ball up when you open or close them while you have to wait for the different maps to load!

• Hide-away Hidden prims! In short, this means that the prims you don't need shrink down and hide away inside the root prim... which means you don't spend time accidentally clicking on the 'open' part of the wings when they are closed and vice versa! No more fighting with accidentally clicking your wings when you are trying to click something in front of your avatar!

• Dynamic Wing Tilt! Unlike most wings, which flap the same no matter what you are doing... standing on the ground... hovering... flying up or down... these new wings react to your actions, giving a much more believable animation! When you are just hovering, the wings tilt forward some, to give the impressing their flapping might actually be generating lift. When you fly up, they reach further up before flapping down, as if actually tryng to move through the air above you. When you fly down, instead of flapping, these wings will trail up above you, as if working more like rudders to control your descent... until you start flapping again!

• Optional SmartWing Automation! Just like my previous wings, these wings can be set (and are, by default) to auto-open and start flapping when you start flying... then go still and fold when you land. Absolutely no buttons to fuss with... they do it all for you!

• Full configuration control over Grounded & Flying states. You can tell the wings how they should act in each state: Open/Close, Fold/Open, Back/Relaxed/Wide/Flapping, and even Hide/Show!

• Complete A4/Sinteract! compatibility! Naturally, these come already configured for Sinteract! and ready for you to customize with your A4 HUD! In addition to all the usual controls, these wings can shrink as small as 20% of their original scale... making them ideal for use as Vestigal Wings on your favorite sexy Succubus avatar... or even fitting for some Tinies!

• Transparency & Glow control via A4 HUD! Yeah... all my A4 items have this option... but it looks pretty incredible on these wings... and I've seen nothing like it in SL! I'll be building a display today to show these off with a Ghostly Glow!

Obviously, I could ramble on and on and on... but the bottom line is, you just have to check these out for yourself. Come visit us on the Grid and look for our model, Dreythos. He's all decked out and waiting to show them off for you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Teaser ~ New Wings Almost Finished

I finished the scripting on a new set of wings, and they are just about ready to hit the store! Morning has caught up with me after an all nighter, so they will have to wait until later today, but as soon as I get them configurered for Sinteract! and get the Vendor Notecard ready, they will be hitting the store and XStreet. For now, I've uploaded the promo shots to the Flickr Stream where you can see why I am so excited to get these done! I'll fill in more details in another entry later today when the release rolls out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A4 HUD Update 1.02

In conjuction with the Fingertip Claws & Nails release, the A4 HUD received a minor update. This will be delivered to all HUD owners automatically. The Box contains a fresh HUD, as well as 2 Scripts that can be dropped into your current HUD to make the update without having to reload your AO & Dance HUD.

Basically, this update just added to the .classes list to include more surface options for new releases (including the claws). Once you have isntalled the patch per the included instructions, just Click the Badge on your HUD and [Reset HUD]. Easy, Simple, Fast.

It's also worth noting that the Free Fangs that were included in the A4 HUD box had a configuration error (they adjusted vix << HEAD >> << EYES >> instead of << HEAD >> << FANGS >>), which has been corrected in the 1.02 Update Box. All Vendors & the XStreet Listing have been updated to deliver the 1.02 box on new purcases.

New Release: Fingertip Claws & Nails

The next A4 goodie is in the vendors! These Claws/Nails have 2 states that you can definte the size/length/cut for... and then swtich between them with a simple menu click! Naturally they are also Sinteract! ready, just like the other new items.

My favorite bit about these is the way the Nails literally GROW into claws when you switch between states!

You can get this goodie from any of my A4 vendors, or on XSteet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Release: Demonic Tongues & Fangs

Another A4 Release! As much fun as the Tentacles are, this one is almost MORE fun! People get one hell of a shock when up to ten tentacle tongues come darting out of your mouth straight at them up to 10 meters away!

I built some fangs into this attachment as well, to help conserve attachment points. I am especially fond of the lower fangs, which are visible when you use the 'Open Mouth' lash or flick.

You can get this goodie from any of my A4 vendors, or on XSteet.

New Release: Demonic Tentacle Mass

Somehow over two weeks has gone by since the last entry... things have been hectic on Atlan Tu Sura! New stuff is making it out of the workshop though!

The first of the new A4 Items are in the store!

The Demonic Tentacle Mass is one of the first new items!

These really are a LOT of fun to play with, and I am really enjoying the Sinteract! development. I think you'll definitely enjoy them! You can get these from any store location now, through the A4 Vendor. You can also find them on XStreet.