Monday, September 28, 2015

Update on the updates!

Alright... I'm uploading demo textures for Juno Tone 1 right now... so hopefully I can start loading up the Omni-HUDs and Demo HUDs... then start packaging them tomorrow. I'd like to see this fixed (and hopefully final) update for Juno in the servers for the weekend for your updating and purchasing pleasure. You may have noticed from the HUD images that the previously separate Eyebrows and Pleasure Patches addons are now included in the skin HUDs. I will be adding the classic (non-mesh system avatar) tattoo layers for those to the skin packages too. The Add-ons will be retired... but will remain available for redelivery for those who have purchased them... just in case you have been using them with other skins or something.

It's worth noting that I am -not- changing the way the Classic Avatar (system skins) are set up. In other words, brows, makeup, body hair, beards, etc. will all still be on tattoo layers. For those that wonder why, it's just a matter of time and setup. To give you some scope...

I uploaded 470 -new- skin textures for the Juno Update, and 702 -new- skin textures for the Jupiter update... just to allow for all of the options for brows and body hair. In the HUDs, the Head, Upper Body, and Lower Body textures can be applied independently, so while it was a job to set those up and import them into SL, loading the HUD isn't too bad. However, to turn all of those textures into new system skin options would mean setting up literally hundreds of system skins for each tone. That effort would wind up taking more time than everything else I've put into this update already... so... yeah... you see where I'm going with that. lol.

Anyway... the Demo HUDs look like the image below, to make it obvious you have the demo HUD on instead of the retail HUD. I can't wait to get these done so I can roll into the Forsaken updates... because I know you are chomping at the bit for those. Ba'al & Lilith are next after those... followed by the Umbrals, Gothique, and Basilisk lines.

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